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Grounding Meditation

GROUNDING MEDITATION/Record w/your voice

As I open to the divine light of Infinite Creator Consciousness I call upon my mighty I AM presence to please anchor into my heart space and walk with me in this moment. I call upon Archangel Michael and his blue flame of protection to surround me. (Visualize a sky blue flame coming from the Great Central Sun above surrounding your body then entering the center of Mother Earth.) I call upon Archangel Zodkiel and surround myself with his Violet Flame of Transmutation asking to transmute anything and everything that is not of my best and highest good to be sent to the light instantly.

Visualize a gold and silver ball of light in your heart spinning. See it moving up your Chackric column out your crown, spinning always, into the Great Central Sun. Wrap your ball of light and merge with the Great Central Sun. Bring your ball of light back down toward your crown running it down your spinal column then down your legs, out your feet, into the crust of Mother Earth, then visualize a huge crystal sphere in the center of Mother Earth. Wrap and merge your gold and silver spinning ball of light then bring it back up to the bottom of your feet entering your body bringing it up your spinal column.

Send your ball of light again to the Great Central sun, then back into your heart center. (do this multiple times always ending in your heart)

This process will support the silence of your mind. Hear and feel the stillness. Breathe then ask your Higher Self for any information you might want.

Shared by Linda Shaylor Cooper

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