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My First Blog

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

For those or you that have found me, connected and liked, I thank you for that.

Much has changed in my world since the rattle snake bite almost three years ago. I knew that a change of direction in my work and service was necessary for me but had no idea what or how. Crystals, Gardens and Fairies are my passion and have served me well for many years. Some time after I had healed I found myself at an Art Fair in Sedona. A lovely woman who makes beautiful jewelry shared her experience while inviting me to participate. I realized that I could use what I have created in my past and place myself in a 10’x10’ White tent to attend the weekend shows in the Spring and the Fall.

All I had to purchase was the tent and the inside set up. Everything else I had, Crystals, Home and Garden Jewels, my book and a willingness to be in service to the unified field.

Three years into the White Tent Event I have found that people are searching for support in ways that I could provide. Mostly it has to do with working with the Mineral Kingdom to help them on their journey of healing and self awareness. I have years of experience and many tools to share to help people help themselves.

I have written and printed a meditation, a clearing activation, which I channeled at a time when I was fed up with processing and just wanted to clear my Karmic debt as well as a Health and Well Being piece that outlines what I have been practicing for years with great success.

Meditation is the first step to changing your inner life. This discipline will support you in sublimating the chattering ego mind that we all have. Our ego mind thinks it is in control but it is actually our Higher Self that is our true guide and teacher. When the chatter is sublimated we can hear our Higher Self through intuition. My advice is to master meditation then when you feel you are ready you can use the Clearing Activation. You will know when the time is right. The Health and Well Being can be used right away. We each have the ability to change from a fear based reality to a love based reality by adjusting our inner life to then be reflected in our outer reality.

Another tool which I highly recommend is to listen to channelings on Youtube. I have learned so much which I have put into practice. I listen while I am creating the Home and Garden Jewels for sale in the White Tent.

I am happy to share all of this with you as it has truly supported me on my own journey.

Blessings and Love

Linda Shaylor Cooper

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May 22, 2020

Thank you for sharing this. I found you through Judith Royle of Soul Genesis.

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