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Clearing Activation

CLEARING ACTIVATION/Record with your voice

In this moment I choose to release all aspects in all time lines and dimensions that are still attached to me that are no longer serving my highest good. I release all bonds to others and forgive all abuses that have been done to me and that I have done to others. I send back, in Love, all that I have taken from others and see the same returned to me in kind. I forgive and release all that is not mine.

I honor the lessons and experiences that have come to me through all time and space. I embrace the now journey in integrity with my heart wide open knowing that I am protected and guided in co-creation with my higher self and Source. I choose to release in love all subconscious programming that is no longer serving my highest purpose. I trust with discernment, that my past is transmuted and that my way forward is clear.

Whatever comes now is to be in service with the highest frequency of Light. I set this in motion and command it activated now. I am open to receive, and so it is, in unification. I walk the sovereign road drawing to me that which will serve the highest good in all dimensions and time lines. I call in abilities expanded to effectuate a healing on all levels in support of service to the whole. From this moment on, I am fully awake to the opportunities in front of me. I embrace this expanded knowing in Light and Love.


Channeled by Linda Shaylor

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